Spark collective intelligence through organizational networks

Wired Brains for Brighter Work

We’ve entered a new age where organizational success no longer only depends on bringing in smart people, but also on connecting them in a smart way. It is through strategic networks that companies can leverage the collective intelligence they need respond to evolving challenges and to stay relevant in today’s complex world. At Wireflies, we analyse the inner workings of organizations and help them create strategic networks of people that collaborate efficiently and innovate effectively.

Helicopter’s perspective

By looking at an organization from a helicopter’s perspective, we shed light on knowledge flows an collaboration patterns within and across organizational boundaries in order to reveal structural barriers and opportunities for improvement.

Identify Strategic Positions

We identify strategic network positions and assess how they are distributed in the network.

Wire Organizations for Success

We wire organizations for success through strategic interventions that enhance the innovativeness, efficiency and performance of the organizational network and its members.

Leverage our insights to create value throughout the entire organization


We are working across the globe and helped various companies to improve their effiency.

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