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There is no ‘one-fits-all’ solution when it comes to organizational network analysis. The network insights we gather and the strategic actions we advise are largely depenent on the specific challenges and objectives of each organization. The module below provides an overview of five organizational domains in which we leverage network insights to effectively tackle the challenges related to each domain. Please note that these metrics and actions are not limitative or exclusive to one solution and that most programs combine elements across domains to maximize their effectiveness.



Complement traditional HR metrics with a network dimension to gain a deeper understanding of your workforce. This will enable more targeted approaches to talent that will fully activate the human capital in organization.



No good idea was ever developed in isolation: the lone inventor is a myth. Instead, innovation is a social process in which diverse knowledge and expertise is combined and new connections are discovered that render original, breakthrough ideas. We provide insight in your key innovators and help overcome barriers.


Virtual Collaboration

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, digitalization has taken a quantum leap forward into the 21st century, forever changing the way we work. Forcing companies to move into a virtual office and manage their team 100% remotely. Posing serious challenges to stay connected, engaged and productive.




As change initiatives often force individuals to break their habits to adopt alternative ways of working, they are usually received with a natural tendency of resistance. Embracing change for a network of individuals in organizations thus proves to be even more challenging due to the collective effort that is required for sustaining change initiatives. Network analysis allows organizations to identify and leverage key influencers and create change from within.


Operational Efficiency

A lack off communication and siloed collaboration are major sources of inefficiencies in many organizations. Poor collaboration within and between teams, insufficient support between team members and an increasing amount of overloaded employees pose a serious threat to overall productivity and wellbeing. Wireflies measures collaboration levels and improves information flow and knowledge reuse where it is most important for economic value.

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